n South African Gastroenterology Review - SAGES Guidelines Committee : guidelines

Volume 4, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1812-1659



Extracted from text ... The South African Gastroenterology Review ? March/April 2006 17 GUIDELINES No Predominant Symptom Reliably Identifies Dyspepsia Pathology Subdividing functional dyspepsia patient groups according to the predominant symptom does not reliably identify subgroups with a homogeneous underlying pathophysiological mechanism, finds a report in this month's Gastroenterology. Functional dyspepsia is considered a heterogeneous disorder with different pathophysiological mechanisms contributing to the symptom pattern. The Rome II committee proposed subdividing patients with functional dyspepsia into groups with predominant pain versus discomfort with the aim of identifying subgroups with homogeneous pathophysiological and clinical properties. Investigators analyzed the relationship of predominant pain or discomfort ..

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