n South African Gastroenterology Review - World Gastroenterology Organisation Practice Guideline : Probiotics and Prebiotics - May 2008 : guideline

Volume 6, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1812-1659



A century ago, Elie Metchnikoff (Russian scientist, Nobel laureate, and professor at the Pasteur Institute in Paris) postulated that lactic acid bacteria (LAB) offered health benefits leading to longevity. He suggested that "intestinal auto-intoxication" and the resultant aging could be suppressed by modifying the gut microbiota and replacing proteolytic microbes such as Clostridium - which produce toxic substances including phenols, indoles, and ammonia from the digestion of proteins - with useful microbes. He developed a diet with milk fermented with the bacterium he called "Bulgarian bacillus."

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