n Media Tenor International - now incorporating Media Tenor SA - "Mood swings become more important" : interview with Jan-Egbert Sturm : media profile

Volume 2005, Issue 1
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Extracted from text ... Media Tenor Interview "Mood swings become more important" Media Tenor: Where do you see forwardlooking fi elds in macroeconomic research? Jan-Egbert Sturm: We should increasingly look at the feedback between what is academically important and politically relevant, such as the question how the moods of business and macroeconomic developments relate to one another. So far, this fi eld of research has not been suffi ciently looked at, neither theoretically nor empirically. Media Tenor: What is the added value of using not only indicators from reality, but also from "media reality"? Jan-Egbert Sturm: Macroeconomists increasingly use utility functions to explain ..

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