n Media Tenor SA Research Journal - Media life in the shadow of an icon : analysis of Nelson Mandela's and Thabo Mbeki's current image in South African media : 07/01 - 05/03

Volume 4, Issue 2
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Extracted from text ... O n the 18th of July South Africa's former president and Nobel Peace Price recipient, Nelson Mandela, or lovingly known as 'Madiba' (Grandfather), celebrated his 85th birthday. Although no longer the 'most important person' in South Africa, he continues to play a salient and influential role in South African media. With the transference of the countries' leadership in 1999, questions about the continued stability and prosperity were raised both internationally and of course nationally. In fact, it did not only remain stable, but South Africa now has the biggest economy in Africa with some of its leaders playing major roles ..

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