n South African Psychiatry Review - The impact of war experiences and physical abuse on formerly abducted boys in northern Uganda : original article

Volume 10, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1811-7805



In this article, war experiences and the impact of physical abuse on formerly abducted boys in Northern Ugandaare assessed.

In a cross-sectional self-report design, Impact of Events Scale - Revised (IES-R), War ExperiencesChecklist questionnaires were administered to 216 formerly abducted boys between August and November 2004 and data fromrecords at three rehabilitation centres were retrospectively assessed and analysed.
The boys were exposed to warevents, participated in atrocities, were physically abused, and manifested many signs and symptoms of post traumatic stress. Consequently, many were psychologically distressed at the time of the study.
: The psychosocial intervention activities proposed include teaching better coping skills, entrepreneurial skills training, and provision of micro credit facilities.

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