n South African Psychiatry Review - Social anxiety in 17-year-olds in Stockholm, Sweden - a questionnaire survey : original article

Volume 7, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1811-7805



<I>Objective:</I> Social anxiety among adolescents in Sweden has not been studied. This pilot study assessed the occurrence of social anxiety in 17-year-olds in Stockholm, Sweden. <br><I>Method:</I> Two hundred and thirty seven students attending the first year of Swedish upper secondary school responded to a questionnaire designed to define cases based on diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders ( DSM-IV) criteria adapted to adolescents. <br><I>Results:</I> Twenty one per cent of the responders had impaired function due to social anxiety, one half of which was primarily related to school performance. <br><I>Conclusion:</I> This study provides preliminary support for the occurrence of a subgroup of adolescent social anxiety that primarily impairs school performance. Teachers learning to recognize these youths may implement confidence-building measures during these formative years that facilitates higher learning.

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