n Obstetrics and Gynaecology Forum - A case report of a complicated fetal ovarian cyst : case report

Volume 18, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 1027-9148



Fetal ovarian cysts represent cystic lesions confined to the lower abdomen of a female fetus, when the stomach, bladder and both kidneys appear normal. We report on a rare case of a complicated fetal ovarian cyst measuring approximately 5cm detected at 34 weeks gestation. Based on the sonographic features a diagnosis of a complicated fetal ovarian cyst (either torsion or haemorrhage or both) was made. A haemorrhagic fetal ovarian cyst and possible torsion was confirmed post delivery at surgery and an oophorectomy had to be performed. Ovarian cysts greater than 4 cm are prone to complicate resulting in compromise of this organ system. Decompression of cysts >4cm in fetuses remote from term may reduce the complication rate of these larger fetal ovarian cysts. An approach to the diagnosis and management of fetal ovarian cysts is presented.

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