oa Southern African Journal of Anaesthesia and Analgesia - Preoperative diagnosis of malignant hyperthermia : registrar prize



Extracted from text ... 10 Preoperative diagnosis of malignant hyperthermia As is now known, MH is an autosomal dominant disorder of skeletal muscle calcium dysregulation.8 It is a myopathy, usually subclinical, but after triggering by anesthetic vapours or succinylcholine, an acute loss of intracellular calcium control causes hypermetabolism, rhabdomyolysis, multi-organ failure and death unless immediately treated with dantrolene.9 Although it is only anesthetics that can trigger an acute MH reaction they are inconsistent in their ability to trigger. Thus, a MH susceptible patient can trigger on first exposure or only after the fifth or sixth GA unlike the PORCINE STRESS SYNDROME in pigs ..


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