oa Southern African Journal of Anaesthesia and Analgesia - Postoperative upper airway problems : review article



Extracted from text ... REVIEW ARTICLE Southern African Journal of Anaesthesia & Analgesia - May 2003 12 Postoperative upper airway problems way. A number of factors, some avoidable, influence the incidence and extent of postoperative pharyngeal symptoms, but it is unlikely that this problem will ever be completely abolished. A review of the literature indicates the following incidences:-a. Sore throat ETT: 14 - 50% (up to 90% in some studies) LMA: 6 - 34% (up to 44%) FM: 3 - 8% b. Hoarseness ETT: 4 - 42% (mean duration 3.5 days) LMA: 9 - 21% c. Permanent dysphonia ETT: 0.4 - 3% (at ..


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