n Transactions of the Centre for Business Law - The ways in which particular partnerships are contracted tacitly. Chapter 11

Volume 2006, Issue 40
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We have looked at the ways in which a universal partnership is entered into tacitly and we must now look at the other partnerships and the way in which they can be entered into tacitly. That which has been said above about the partnership involving an assets and the ways in which it can be tacitly concluded must also be said of all the other partnerships namely that they can be tacitly concluded by the performance of an act of partnership (). And even if a community is possible without a partnership () nevertheless there can be no partnership without a community () and therefore one will have to consider what property was collated, what kind of partnership was entered into, what property is involved and the conduct of the contracting parties will be considered. And those things will be considered as collated and in connection with which a partnership was established which appears from the conduct of the partners and nothing beyond that ().

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