n Medical Technology SA - CPD questionnaire

Volume 20, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1011-5528



Extracted from text ... MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY SA 30 JUNE 2006 VOL. 20 NO. 1 1. What is the pre-sensitising dose in the "Adaptive Response After Laser Irradiation" study? (a) 5 J/cm2 (b) 10 J/cm2 (c) 12 J/cm2 (d) a and b 2. What lasers are used in the medical field? (a) Low level laser (b) High power laser (c) Both a and b (d) Non of the above 3. The following wavelength is used for He-Ne laser in the "Adaptive Response After Laser Irradiation" study? (a) 632.8 nm (b) 400 nm (c) 832.8 nm (d) 400 - 800 nm 4. Which medical conditions would ..

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