n Medical Technology SA - The effect of laser irradiation on wounded mycotoxin exposed human skin fibroblast cells

Volume 22, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1011-5528



: Fumonisin B (FB) and Zearalenone (ZEA) are secondary metabolites produced by the fungi species . This study aimed to investigate the structural and cellular responses of wounded cells that have been exposed to ZEA and FB.

: Two diode lasers with wavelengths of 636 and 830 nm at a dose of 5 J/cm2 were used to irradiate WS1 cells that had been wounded and exposed to ZEA or FB. After a repair time of 24 hr, cellular responses were deliberated.
: Morphologically, irradiation at 636 nm 830 nm caused marked wound migration in wounded FB cells. There was an increase in percentage viability in 636 nm irradiated FB test group, and the 636 nm irradiated ZEA test group showed an increase in ATP. The LDH results showed that ZEA exposed cells have a higher cytotoxicity than wounded cells.
: These results indicate that 5 J/cm2 of laser irradiation can positively affect cells exposed to the mycotoxins ZEA and FB by increasing cell viability.

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