n Mental Health Matters - Does depression in the workplace impact productivity? A South African perspective

Volume 1, Issue 3
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When one considers the World Health Organisation (WHO, 2012) states that over 350 million people worldwide suffer from depression, and that it is now the leading cause of disability globally, you start to see why Bob's call is not uncommon. Many studies of depression in (Western) workplaces speak of significant prevalence levels (Bender and Farvolden, 2008; Wang and Gorenstein, 2014), suggesting that factors in addition to income and trauma are contributing to this growing "burden of disease". A 2014 study into the prevalence of depression per industry in the USA by Wulsin, Alterman, Bushnell, Li and Shen, revealed between 6.9% and 16.2% of employees were clinically depressed.

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