oa Journal of Marketing - Andrew Shuttleworth : Badland! : 5 strong voices

Volume 2011, Issue 12
  • ISSN : 1811-9565



I used to work in a place known as Adland - a simple place consisting of great TV, radio, print and outdoor adverts, where media selection consisted of a few bursts on one or two TV channels and a full-page in some glossy magazine titles. And if you were really daring, you threw in a billboard and an in-store promotion. I'm not yearning for those old days (and they weren't that long ago), but I do sometimes feel that valuable lessons have been thrown out with the bathwater. "What's so wrong with a TV ad?" I ask at those dinner parties. Often, with eyebrows raised, my hosts blurb on about Wiki, SEO, mobile and deep linking. "It's all about online experiences", I'm told, or, "TV is so yesterday, get with it".

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