n Evidence Based Summaries in Dentistry - Laboratory versus controlled clinical trial results : high-viscosity glass-ionomers in comparison to amalgam for tooth restorations




Summarised from:

Mickenautsch S, Yengopal V. Do Laboratory Results concerning High-ViscosityGlass-Ionomers versus Amalgam for Tooth Restorations Indicate Similar Effect Direction and Magnitude than that of Controlled Clinical Trials? - A Meta-Epidemiological Study. PLoS One. 2015 Jul 13;10(7):e0132246.

A large percentage of evidence concerning dental interventions is based on laboratory research. A simple PubMed search (27 August 2014) of the dental literature published between 2009 - 2014, using the broad MeSH terms "Dental Amalgam" and "Glass Ionomer Cements" reveals a 2-3, as well as an over 7 times higher number of listed citations of laboratory (including in-vitro and animal based in-vivo) studies than of prospective clinical studies with control groups (including randomised controlled trials, non-randomised controlled trials, split-mouth trials and prospective 2-arm observational studies), respectively. The apparent wealth of laboratory evidence is sometimes used as basis for clinical inference and recommendations for daily dental practice.


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