n Journal of Minimum Intervention in Dentistry - Retention of conventional GIC versus RM-GIC restorations - a brief quantitative systematic overview




to appraise and present detailed quantitative evidence in answer to the review question; whether restorations placed with either conventional glass ionomer cement (GIC) or resin-modified GIC (RM-GIC) have the same retention.

The trials were identified from a search of the PubMed database on 15 December 2008 using the terms: "Glass Ionomer Cements"[Mesh] AND resin modified AND ("Dental Restoration, Permanent"[Mesh] OR "Dental Restoration, Temporary"[Mesh]) AND material retention". References of accepted articles were checked for additional studies suitable for inclusion.
Relevant to review question; Published in English; In-vivo or In-situ study design; Study on human subjects and human tissues; Randomised and quasi-randomised control trials; Contain computable (dichotomous) data for both, test- and control group.
The systematic literature search found 1 trial in line with the inclusion criteria. Of these, 4 individual datasets were extracted and analysed.
The result of all datasets showed no difference between low viscosity GIC and RMGIC. More clinical trials are needed.


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