n Missionalia : Southern African Journal of Mission Studies - The indispensability of spiritual formation for Christian leaders

Volume 34, Issue Issue-2/3
  • ISSN : 0256-9507



This paper begins by defining key terms such as Christian leadership, Christian spirituality and spiritual formation and it focuses on the importance of spiritual formation for the development of leaders who are able to make an insightful, prophetic and constructive contribution to both church and society, especially in an African and South African context. The importance of this subject for Christian leaders in churches, mission organisations, para-church groups, business, government and nongovernmental organisations is obvious. I argue that without spiritual formation one cannot speak of Christ-like leadership, but only the promotion of personal or group self-interest lightly masked by a veneer of religious observance. Spiritual formation is indispensable for Christian leaders first because it results in a wider vision of reality and a deepened engagement with society. Second, it enables leaders to live the spiritual and moral vision of the Christian gospel. Third, it helps them to avoid moral and other pitfalls. Fourth, it helps leaders to open the gate to truth, for example, within psychological and business management studies of leadership. Finally, spiritual formation enables leaders increasingly to discern good and evil in the world and to reflect on their own ministries with greater honesty and discernment.

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