n Missionalia : Southern African Journal of Mission Studies - Supporting Asian Christianity's transition from mission to church: A history of the Foundation for theological education in south east Asia, S.C. Pearson (Ed.) : book review

Volume 41, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0256-9507



Here is a book that adds substantially to our knowledge of Protestant missions in south-east Asia and to the growth and development of theological education opportunities in particular, especially in the field of contextual theology. It is narrated in considerable detail and focuses on the broader issue of the shift in emphasis in American mission from mission to church aiming at a change in paradigm from traditional mission to 'partnership'. It encompasses the transformation of missions, churches and educational institutions from the Second World War and locates these developments in the context of revolution and colonisation as the Christian community struggled to form indigenous leaders within a complex context replete with a mix of cultural, political and religious agenda.

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