n Malawi Law Journal - The impact of globalisation on the promotion and protection of human rights in Africa

Volume 1, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1996-7675



A heated debate is currently waging on among human rights activists and scholars as to whether globalisation is good or bad for human rights. Little systematic evidence is available on the overall human rights impact of globalisation and that which does exist is often contradictory. Whether globalisation promotes or hinders human rights is not something that can be determined quantitatively. It cannot be determined by adding up the numbers of jobs created and comparing them with the numbers of those lost. This article does not take a position on the issue but rather examines both sides of the coin; the positive and negative impact of globalisation on the enjoyment and protection of human rights in Africa. It argues that globalisation is a tool with great potential to promote human rights if its gains are aggregated and harnessed and its adverse effects mitigated. The full potential of globalisation could be realised by adopting a human rights-based approach to globalisation.

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