n Malawi Law Journal - The legal protection of groundwater resources in Nigeria

Volume 3, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1996-7675



The fundamental importance of water to human, animal and plant existence cannot be over-emphasised. However, the depletion of the quantum of potable water due to pollution has been an intractable problem especially for the developing nations of which Nigeria is one. The worst hit in this aspect has been groundwater. Most of the legislation on water protection in Nigeria does not contemplate protection of groundwater. Thus, in Nigeria, there is a dearth of comprehensive, specific statutes on groundwater pollution. This situation becomes ominous considering the fact that water is not regenerative, hence, any environmental damage to it, especially to groundwater, could be devastating and difficult to reverse or repair. Moreover, due to the nature of groundwater, its pollution takes time to discover and may be quite expensive to treat. The authors examine the problems of groundwater resources, its pollution and the state of the law in Nigeria. In conclusion, certain recommendations are proffered.

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