n MNASSA : Monthly Notes of the Astronomical Society of South Africa - Deepsky delights

Volume 64, Issue 11_12
  • ISSN : 0024-8266



Extracted from text ... mnassa vol 64 nos 11 & 12 234 deepsky delights Deepsky Delights by Magda Streicher [magda@pixie.co.za] Caroline Herschel's deepsky discoveries Just before midnight one evening this past October I walked out under an exceptionally dark and transparent sky, filled with starlight. I gazed up and was amazed to see a very soft, large glow between the constellations Aquarius and Pisces. This very rare sight later turned out to be the Gegenschein, the "counter glow" of the Sun. However, this night belonged to Caroline Herschel. Caroline (1750-1848) although small in stature was more than just a remarkable woman. Her unselfishness and ..

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