n MNASSA : Monthly Notes of the Astronomical Society of South Africa - Bloemfontein Centre, Chairman's Report 2004-2005 : centre reports




Extracted from text ... 211 december 2005 centre reports Thank you for the opportunity to present the Bloemfontein Centre of ASSA's annual report for 2004-2005. The main emphasis of the year was on continued growth in the member's prof- ficiency as amateur astronomers and the Centre's active public outreach efforts. The year saw various members acquiring commercial as well as self-built telescopes. The Centre continued to hold official quarterly meetings, as well as workshops, excursions, public programs and practical activities. Quarterly meetings: Themes presented during the four official Centre meetings (held at Boyden Observatory) included "Hyperspace", "Tour through the SkyGuide 2005", "Astrophotography", "Open ..


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