n MNASSA : Monthly Notes of the Astronomical Society of South Africa - Solar report




Extracted from text ... mnassa vol 64 nos 7 & 8 128 solar report Solar Report by Jacques van Delft [ jjvdelft1@yahoo.com ] 2005 May - June Three observers submitted sunspot counts to the Section in May and June (Table 1). They are Jacques van Delft (code DEJV) from Wepener in the Freestate, Rob Blore (RBLO) from Hillcrest (Natal) and Werner Coetzee (WCOE) from Bloemfontein (Freestate). 2005 May 2005 June DEJV RBLO WCOE DEJV RBLO WCOE Sunspot count 849 987 - 997 - - Number of days on 20 26 - 21 - - which counts were made Smooth sunspot count (Rz) 42.45 ..


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