n MNASSA : Monthly Notes of the Astronomical Society of South Africa - Errata




Extracted from text ... mnassa vol 65 nos 11 & 12 222 errata Cliff Turk spotted the following errors in the Orchiston paper in the October 2006 issue (MNASSA vol. 65, 9&10, 148-159): 1) In Table 2 (p.151), note that RP de Kock also discovered a comet; 1941 IV de Kock-Paraskevopoulos (reference 5, Overbeek, 1999). 2) On p.157, the paragraph starting with: "Three of the astronomers included in Table 2 ..." should read: "Three of the astronomers included in Table 3 ...". 3) On p.157, the Kennedy residence has been misspelled "Meeanae" - it should read "Meeanee". ..


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