n MNASSA : Monthly Notes of the Astronomical Society of South Africa - Modified Newtonian dynamics at low accelerations as an alternative to dark matter : MOND alternative to dark matter

Volume 69, Issue 7_8
  • ISSN : 0024-8266



Newtonian dynamics applied to galactic conditions implies that there exists a large amount of matter in the Universe that we have hitherto been unable to detect directly. After nearly a century of extensive research, surprisingly little progress has been made regarding the nature of this dark matter. Some scientists believe that the missing mass is an illusion created by non-Newtonian dynamics that reign in certain astronomical environments. The most successful of these theories is MOND (MOdified Newtonian Dynamics). MOND has produced interesting results and has survived various observational tests despite certain shortcomings, particularly on the cosmological scale. None the less, MOND has proved to be a feasible solution to the missing mass problem based on our observations so far.

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