n Tax Breaks Newsletter - Same-sex relationships and intestate succession : same-sex relationships

Volume 2006, Issue 246
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Extracted from text ... 8 July 2006 Moneyweb's TAX BREAKS SAME-SEX RELATIONSHIPS Same-sex relationships and intestate succession By HARRY JOFFE ACCORDING to an article on News 24.com, March 31, the Pretoria High Court has declared sections of the Intestate Succession Act that exclude reference to same-sex life partners [when they refer to spouses inheriting], to be inconsistent with the Constitution. Chef Mark Gory had been declared the sole heir to his partner's estate. Gory and his partner, Henry Brooks, met in 2003, bought a house in 2004 and lived together as a married couple until Brooks died suddenly, without a will, in April 2005. ..

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