n Tax Breaks Newsletter - Help for employers in the tax and labour arenas : employers' obligations




Extracted from text ... 4 November 2006 Moneyweb's TAX BREAKS EMPLOYERS' OBLIGATIONS Help for employers in the tax and labour arenas SOUTH Africa's complex tax laws - and their frequent amendments of late - have many an employer in a spin, because the obligations of employers are onerous. The demands of employees' tax, the Skills Development Levy, contributions to the Unemployment Insurance Fund and Workmen's Compensation Fund (and until recently, the RSC and JSB levies) are often the downfall of an otherwise viable business. Employers' obligations in terms of our labour law place even more pressure on the entrepreneur, and are often enough to discourage one from starting one's own business, or cause one to throw in the towel on an existing enterprise. Werkmans' excellent article, written by Doelie ..


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