oa Mosenodi - Validity of proficiency examinations as tools for selecting officers for promotion

Volume 11, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1021-559X



This study was done to establish content evidence for the validity of the Proficiency Examinations and to examine the officers' perceptions on use of Proficiency Examinations as tools for selecting officers for promotion in the Botswana Police Service. Participants in the study were Training Officers and Curriculum Experts, both based at the Botswana Police College and Botswana Police Sergeants selected from different Police units. Data was collected through rating-scales, in which officers matched and rated the proficiency examinations to the objectives of the Botswana Police Service, to determine the content evidence of the examinations that were used and a questionnaire was used to survey the perceptions of officers on the use of Proficiency Examinations This study has revealed the absence of content validity of the examinations, that is, the examinations are not representative of the objectives and are not relevant to the aims of the Botswana Police Service. The study has revealed dissatisfaction with the promotional systems largely based on written tests because they have been besieged by problems, which have serious implications, more especially, the validity information they provide as tools for selecting employees for promotion. As a result, the use of alternative assessment measures, which contribute to the implementation of non-discriminatory personnel policies has been recommended.

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