oa Mosenodi - Students' perceptions on the prevalence and determinants of copying during examinations at University of Botswana

Volume 11, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1021-559X



Cheating during testing is a serious psychometric as well as a social problem. It renders a test useless: as a psychological measurement instrument; as a means of data collection for input into evaluation and research; as a means of ensuring social justice; as a means of efficient identification and development of human resources; as a source of data which serves as input into decision making, policy formulation and implementation. To determine, through students' perception, the prevalence and determinants of copying during examinations at UB, a questionnaire survey of 354 fifth-year students at the university was carried out. Through statistical analysis of the resulting data, using mainly population and independent t-tests, as well as one-way ANOVA, the level of copying during examinations at UB was found to be significant and factors, which significantly determine such behaviour, were identified and discussed. Recommendations were made as to how to attempt tosolve this obnoxious problem at UB.

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