oa Mosenodi - Perceptions of Secondary School English teachers on strengths and weaknesses of Grade 8 pupils in coping with English lessons in selected Lusaka Secondary Schools

Volume 12, Issue 1-2
  • ISSN : 1021-559X



This study investigated the strengths and difficulties of Grade 8 pupils, in coping with English lessons, as perceived by teachers. The research was conducted in selected secondary schools in the city of Lusaka in Zambia. A questionnaire was used to collect data. Findings showed that more than half of the pupils could cope with English lessons. All teachers stated that remedial work was necessary for the pupils who could not adequately cope in all aspects of English. Very few Grade 8 pupils had a taste for reading a variety of books in English and could make an intelligent guess at the meaning of unknown words from the context. Very few pupils could make simple sentences without grammatical errors. Very few pupils could organize content in free writing. The article incorporated tasks for teachers to do in order to rectify the difficulties faced by Grade 8 pupils in coping with English lessons.

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