oa Mosenodi - Assessment as a partner in primary and secondary school teaching in African schools

Volume 13, Issue 1-2
  • ISSN : 1021-559X



An etymological analysis of education and assessment reveals a closer relationship between them than is currently credited. Largely because this relationship has not been adequately explored and utilized, education has not been quite successful in accomplishing its missions of 'leading forth' and 'causing to develop' the potential of every child. More often than not, teaching which operationalizes education in a formal setting has involved less of the skill of 'sitting beside' a growing child to collect valid information with which to ensure valid identification of potential and maximization of growth, than 'assisting the judge' to determine the level of success of these endeavours. Analysis of both processes - education and assessment - reveals the necessity of assessment for any effective teaching process. Based on the results of such analyses, this paper makes appropriate recommendations that will ensure a more lucrative involvement of assessment in teaching in primary and secondary schools.

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