oa Mosenodi - Quality assurance in university teaching : considering possibilities for testing method effectiveness with statistical models

Volume 14, Issue 1-2
  • ISSN : 1021-559X



The perspective presented in this article is that the quality assurance infrastructure in higher education could do more to articulate a code of practice for quality assurance in teaching. The article also points out a possible direction for research in teaching method effectiveness, where educational psychology principles and statistical models could be used to profile quality teaching. The author illustrates how profiling can be done, by using an existing theory of profiling teaching to explore possibilities for testing method effectiveness by examining, first, the impact of the method on learning and, then, the relationship of the specified constructs of the elements of teaching. The purpose of seeking relationships in the elements of teaching was to further test effectiveness of teaching elements as a composite measure of effectiveness. The correlation results are, however, not presented here. Teaching assessment tools evaluate the success of individual lessons. The article proposes that teaching method effectiveness be descriptionbed in terms of quality profiles where the existence of specific elements of teaching are associated with quality. Three research quest ions were asked and three hypotheses were formulated in this study. The three hypotheses were as follows: 1. Verbal information will have no effect on university students) achievements and attitudes 2. Cognitive skills method will have no effect on achievements and attitudes of university students. 3. Cognitive strategy methods will have no effect on achievements and attitudes of university students. The researcher sought to find out whether the treatment group s performance would differ and whether the type of method contributed to the difference in treatment groups) performance. The independent variables were (a) verbal information method and (b) cognitive skills and strategy method.

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