oa Mosenodi - Maximising resource utilization through supervision across subjects : a case study, MoJepolole College of Education

Volume 14, Issue 1-2
  • ISSN : 1021-559X



The successful implementation of any educational programme is, among other things, dependent on the availability and adequacy of resources. The stringent budgets for Teaching Practice and the serious understaffing in some academic departments for the past three years have necessitated a policy OF Teaching Practice supervision across curricular subjects in the Molepolole College of Education. This policy meant that lecturers were expected to supervise students, in subjects they did not teach, in addition to those that they taught. This paper examines the perceptions of lecturers and student teachers with regard to supervision across subjects. It further seeks to establish how student teachers are likely to react to different supervisors. Data collectionwas done through a questionnaire administered to lecturers involved in the supervision of Teaching Practice at Molepolole College of Education in 2005 and from regional coordinators' reports. In addition a random selection of student teachers in Years two and three were given a questionnaire, as well as being interviewed.

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