oa Mosenodi - Self-study in the primary teacher training colleges in Botswana : a college staff perspective

Volume 2, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1021-559X



This paper presents the staff perspective on the self-study exercise conducted by the Ministry of Education in 1986-89 in the four primary teacher training colleges in Botswana. The writer undertook the first formal evaluation in 1992/13. The provenance, procedures and outcomes of the evaluation are identified the methodology is descriptionbed, and the data obtained are presented and analysed from a staff perspective. The principal beneficial outcomes identified are the professional and personal competencies gained by staff. The more democratic and participative stance of the Ministry of Education is acknowledged. Extenuating circumstances which inhibited the implementation of the staff proposals are identified.lnstitutionalgainswereminimalbecausetheMinistryfailedtoimplement recommendations made by staff for institutional improvement. The reasons / or this are assessed and the necessary 'political' environment required to successfully capitalise on self-study exercises in teacher training institutions is proposed.

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