oa Mosenodi - Reflective microteaching : the University of Botswana experience on ESL teacher preparation

Volume 5, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1021-559X



This paper discusses how microteaching is used at the University of Botswana as an experiential activity for English as Second Language (ESL) teacher preparation at the pre-service stage. The paper examines the philosophy which underpins the practice. A distinction is made between the traditional 'training' practice advocated by the 'applied science' school of thought which emphasises the development of discrete skills, and the 'reflective' model which regards teacher preparation as part of a holistic education process. The paper proposes that any successful ESL teacher preparation programme should focus on the fundamental pedagogic concepts such as 'task', 'skill' and 'strategy' in order to highlight those significant teaching skills which need to be given precedence for development. Various microteaching activities undertaken by the internees are considered to show that, notwithstanding the intended objectives, there are logistical problems which undermine the practice, The paper concludes by arguing that misplaced notions of 'common sense' and 'natural talent' in ESL teaching make every little contribution to the nurturing excellence.

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