oa Mosenodi - Vision 2016 : meeting the preschool needs in Botswana

Volume 6, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1021-559X



Early childhood education in Botswana is privately operated and serves 20,000 children. This represents approximately seven percent of the pre-school population. Early Childhood Care programmes were started three decades ago by groups of women concerned about the care of young children whose mothers were employed away from the home. After a decade of operation, the government followed with a national policy on day care, and council bye-laws used to license and monitor established pre-school programmes. The components of a high quality programmes have been documented through many studies. A relatively widespread consensus shows that essential high quality factors are associated with: (1) staff to child ratio; (2) structure and group size; (3) staff training; (4) children's experiences; (5) staff continuity and (6) management competence. Each of the quality factors will be discussed with documentation and applied nationally.

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