oa Mosenodi - Involvement in antenatal health education among nurses in Botswana

Volume 8, Issue 1-2
  • ISSN : 1021-559X



Using a national sample of 325, this study investigates the extent of nurses' involvement in antenatal health education and explores variables that may be associated with their involvement. The study documents the importance of midwifery training and a nurse's own childbirth experience in promoting involvement in antenatal health education. It points to the relative unimportance of academic qualifications for nurses involved in antenatal health education. Findings show that work-related factors such as satisfaction with workstation, workload, and staff shortages were associated with nurses' involvement. Resources related factors such as adequacy of equipment, adequacy of telecommunication and transport facilities were also associated with nurses' involvement. Membership of a community organisation was also found to have an impact on involvement in antenatal health education. Individual background factors such as age, level of income religious affiliation, nurses' overall health, and marital status did not have a significant impact on nurses' involvement in antenatal health education activities.

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