n Mousaion - Black holes, J. Hillis and Miller Stanford : book review

Volume 19, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0027-2639



Brief reviews of a few books are presented. Some of the reasons for these reviews are sketched here. These are not ordinary books. All of them are either bestsellers (showing a kind of populartiy) or translated (showing their importance) and much reviewed and read. All of them are quite remarkable in similar ways: they are difficult books (but nevertheless much read which does not make sense in our context since nobody is meant to read difficult stuff anymore); they are books on theorising information technology in all its different manifestations (again strange since for us the only important thing is doing technology but never be tempted to think the technical); they are interdisciplinary in the full sense of the word in the sense that all discourses of all sciences are taken seriously by them (not like with us where there is a lot of talk about interdisciplinarity without understanding other disciplines or the confession of some that interdisciplinarity means actually that all should understand what we are talking about, which may of course also means underdisciplined or even undisciplined).

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