n Mousaion - Beyond e : scholarly communication in the knowledge era

Volume 19, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0027-2639



Technological revolutions tend to have two very distinct phases. During phase one fantastic new inventions hit the market which affect our lives in various ways. The more fundamental changes, however, are brought about by the second phase when the underlying paradigm, processes, life and work styles: indeed the entire value concept associated with these products change as a result of new options brought about by the new technologies. During the nineties traditional scholarly communication largely changed froma paperbased to an electronic model but the paradigmis still very much Gutenberg: ejournals, ebooks, ereports are generally merely electronic versions of their paper counterparts. However this situation is changing fast and is gaining momentum. Advanced communication options give rise to new modes of idea sharing and cooperative work.This in turn empowers researchers and academics to challenge existing research and scholarly communication models and profoundly affects their information providers. The paper will look at new "journals'' with promising features, alternative publishing models, web communities and emerging roles for all involved and at how these add value to knowledge processes.

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