n Mousaion - Communication mechanisms of indigenous knowledge systems : gateway to untapped resources

Volume 21, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0027-2639



Communication mechanisms of any information resource system play an important role in ensuring access to its content. The communication mechanisms of indigenous knowledge systems (IKSs) (mainly based on oral communication) are identified and discussed in this article to show how they serve their particular users. The differences between them and those of modern information resource systems are emphasised. Knowledge of these communication systems may help outsiders to better access IKSs and then report on the contents by applying communication mechanisms of modern information resource systems. It is argued that field workers operating at grassroots level among people of developing communities may access IKSs through oral communication and observation. Indigenous knowledge obtained in this way is reported in either print or electronic format. Once information is in a format acceptable for communication mechanisms of the modern information resource systems, it can be disseminated worldwide. The use of communication mechanisms of IKSs is viewed as a prerequisite when it comes to the globalisation of IKSs.

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