n Mousaion - Die inligtingbehoeftes van Afrikaans T1-onderwysers




This article reports on an investigation into the information needs ofAfrikaans L1 language teachers in South Africa. The main data collectionmethods were focus group discussions, a questionnaire and unstructuredinterviews. The most important information needs that were identified, werethose pertaining to classroom activities, curricula and supportive studymaterial. Interesting differences between the information needs of primaryand high school teachers were found. Factors that impact on the informationneeds of Afrikaans L1 teachers are, among others, the changing curriculum,the nature of languages as a subject, a high workload, extramural activitiesand pressures with regard to examination results. The research revealed thatit is of the utmost importance that those who have to supply languageteachers with information are aware of their information needs in order toimprove the standard of language teaching in South Africa.


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