n Mousaion - Teaching indexers and abstractors through distance teaching programmes

Volume 22, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0027-2639



Distance teaching programmes can offer working adults valuableopportunities for furthering their careers in a dynamic indexing andabstracting environment that includes database indexing, book indexingand Web indexing. On the basis of experience gained at the Universityof South Africa (UNISA), a study of the practice of distance teachingand an instructional design model developed by the author, suggestionsare offered for the design of distance teaching programmes for indexersand abstractors. The model specifies the aspects to consider, namelyteaching philosophy, characteristics of distance teaching (including thebenefits and disadvantages), situation analysis, formulation of aims andlearning outcomes, actual development of the programme (including theselection of media and teaching strategies), selection of assessmentmethods, offering of learner support and evaluation of the programme.Suggestions are made for the teaching of indexing and abstracting,bearing in mind that there are different models of distance teachingprogrammes. The choice of a model would depend on the particularsituation (e.g. the availability of information technology infrastructure).

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