n Mousaion - A socio-cognitive approach to teaching indexing and abstracting : bridging the gap between information retrieval research and praxis

Volume 22, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0027-2639



A socio-cognitive approach to document representation in addition tothe systems-orientated approach might solve problems in informationretrieval (IR). If introduced in a simplified and pragmatic manner in theteaching of indexing and abstracting, it might also help to bridge the gapbetween IR theory and indexing and abstracting praxis. The purpose ofinformation retrieval systems (IRSs), information retrieval and theproblems with IR research is considered as background to a socio-cognitiveapproach. Academic interpretations of the socio-cognitiveapproach as well as a simplified interpretation more suitable to teachingpractice are considered. The latter is used to suggest a model of learningcontent, a constructivistic learning environment, learning experiencesbased on collaborative learning, and portfolio assessment.

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