n Mousaion - Information needs and information-seeking behaviour of leisure tourists : a pilot study of professional black women in Pretoria

Volume 22, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0027-2639



The article discusses the information needs and information-seekingbehaviour of professional black women as leisure tourists. Thisdiscussion focuses on the pilot study that is undertaken in the field oftourism to test the feasibility of such an investigation to be done on anational basis. As little research exists on the information needs andtravel patterns of black South Africans in general, the research appearswarranted. A literature survey is undertaken to ground the concepts ofneed, motives, values, information sources and searching strategies inorder to provide a framework for the empirical investigation. Theinformation needs and seeking behaviour of the pilot group arepresented and certain conclusions are drawn that postulate this pilotgroup as manifesting mainly physiological needs of escapism, usingtraditional information sources, including word-of-mouth sources, andseeking strategies with no adoption of information technology such asthe WWW or Internet.

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