n Mousaion - The Return on Investment (ROI) as an evaluation tool for training courses : a case study in the higher education context

Volume 26, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0027-2639



Knowledge Management has become an important discipline in universities, and the public and private sectors. Training is one knowledge management strategy used to enhance the knowledge levels of an organisation and it employees. Return on Investment (ROI) is a tool for evaluating the success of investment activities in any organisation. It has also been used in evaluating training courses for employees. However many questions remain in terms of the application of ROI in the evaluation of training courses. This article provides an overview of existing methodologies for the evaluation of training programmes. A workable methodology to evaluate such training programmes is proposed in this paper, based on the concept of Return on Knowledge. The study applied this methodology to the evaluation of three different training courses that are part of the knowledge management policy and practice of a higher education institution. The paper concludes by reflecting on the effectiveness of the proposed methodology for the evaluation of training courses for academic staff. The reflection suggests that the methodology serves the purpose for which it is intended, is relatively easy to use, may be applied with minimum disruption to trainees and instructors, and takes into account important variables from the point of view of self evaluation. This methodology could have a direct impact on the enhancement of training programmes in the higher education and training environment.

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