n Mousaion - A perception study of WebCT as a basis for facilitating and encouraging learning at Coventry University (Business School)

Volume 27, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0027-2639



To create a learning institution the principles, processes, organisational structures and technology applications of the institution need to assist people in sharing their knowledge (Pedler cited in Rowley [1998:16]). Skyrme (2003) defined knowledge management as the explicit and systematic management of vital knowledge and its associated processes of creating, gathering, organising, diffusion, use and exploitation. Personal knowledge must be turned into corporate knowledge that can be shared throughout an organisation and applied. Knowledge management brings together people, processes and technologies, enabling the organisation to use and share information more effectively (Oosterlink & Leuven 2002:12). The role of WebCT in creating a learning organisation at Coventry University (CU) is examined. Coventry Business School (CBS) students completed a structured questionnaire. Lecturers participated in semi-structured interviews and were selected using snowball sampling. The findings showed that students / lecturers view WebCT as a supplementary service rather than a replacement to classroom education. This is in line with CU's goal related to the enhancement of teaching and learning. Students valued the easy access to education via WebCT, thus WebCT assists CU in providing high quality learning to a diverse student population. The recommendations can be applied to institutions deciding on implementing electronic learning in creating a learning organisation.

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