n Mousaion - Crossover fiction and border crossings in a Canadian context

Special issue 1
  • ISSN : 0027-2639



This essay examines the phenomenon of crossover fiction, that is, fiction that crosses from child to adult or adult to child audiences. Crossover literature may be addressed to a mixed-age audience by the author and / or publisher, or it may initially be written and / or published for a particular audience and subsequently appropriated by another in a process of 'cross-reading.' Various types of crossover fiction are examined : adult-to-child crossover fiction, rewritings for a different audience and child-to-adult crossover fiction. In addition, this article looks at the significant role that publishers and marketing strategies play in what is largely a marketing phenomenon. Crossover fiction has been seen by some as an essentially European phenomenon, but it is in fact an important, widespread and expanding global trend, as demonstrated in the author's book (2009). This essay uses examples from a Canadian corpus to explore the global phenomenon of crossover fiction.

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