n Mousaion - Survey of library and information workforce planning in Uganda

Volume 28, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0027-2639



This paper is the result of the Uganda Library and Information Workforce Planning Project that was conducted among LIS professionals and institutions that employ them. The project was conducted to identify, analyse and forecast the structure of the workforce and match this structure to the requirements of the country. Questionnaires requesting in-depth information were sent to over 350 information workers and 187 were returned duly filled. More information was obtained from institutions that represent the general pattern of LIS workforce needs in the country. Target LIS institutions were selected to ensure that all LIS major stakeholders are involved in the study. The survey involved: supply analysis, competency analysis, trends analysis, demand analysis, gap analysis and solution analysis. Findings show that essential information for Library and Information Science workforce planning is lacking and yet substantial efforts are needed to build a credible LIS workforce for Uganda. Systematic and substantive evidence of the match between skills and competencies demanded by employers is needed so that EASLIS and stakeholders can take appropriate action.

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