n Mousaion - Transnationalism and flights of fantasy

Volume 29, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 0027-2639



Illusions surface when the lines between myth and fantasy conflate. Through the notion of illusion, utopian novels are written in the indicative about the political subjunctive (Zipes 1994:119). In popular culture today, fairy tales are the medium through which people are submersed into flights of fantasy. More specifically, the film versions that are based on the written versions of the fairy tales magnify the experience between the spectator and the worlds that are created on screen. It is necessary to acknowledge that in this genre, which is dominated by its medievalist form, a certain amount of magic is taken for granted (Monson & Purves 1984:23). In the modern world, the notion of transnationalism as a driving force that propels the evolution and growth of characters in fairy tales is evident in the narrative structures of various fairy tale films.

In Disney's (Lima 2007), the central character, Giselle, evolves and grows as a result of her displacement from her fairy tale home of Andalasia. The backdrop of this fairy tale allows for a "flight of fantasy". It is from within this "flight" that questions are raised and the relationship between transnationalism and the evolution of the protagonist can be critiqued and analysed. Ultimately, it is the illusion of displacement that paves the way for new knowledge and realisation.

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