n Mousaion - Opvoedkundig-sielkundige aspekte wat kan bydra tot leerders se belangstelling in lees

Volume 30, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0027-2639



The human being is not only a physical, but also a psychological being. There are different dimensions of psycho-educational development such as the cognitive, social and emotional development which contribute to the psycho-educational needs of the child. This study reports on a literature study done to obtain information on the psychoeducational development of children with the aim to answer the research question: What is the nature of the cognitive, social and emotional development and needs of children and in what way can knowledge of these aspects be used to enhance learners interest in reading?

According to Piaget's theory a definite pattern of cognitive development exists. The cognitive characteristics of children vary at different ages and have an influence on the needs of learners. A pattern of development is also found in social development. Preprimary school children are self-centered, while children in the early and late childhood become more social and adolescents become socially mature. Emotions, as seen in adulthood, already manifest during the infant years. A pattern of development comes to the fore according to manifestation, duration and intensity of emotional behaviour.
The difference in cognitive, social and emotional development lead to variations in the psychological needs of children at different ages. Characteristics and typical manifestations of the psycho-educational aspects are valuable knowledge to apply in the selection of books to enhance learners' interest in reading.

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